bradford a watson

Infrastructure of Place:

There is a desire to live in the Mountain West region based on the incredible vastness and beauty associated with the landscape. One gets this “Big Sky” independent spirit in their blood and becomes obsessed with inhabiting the wilderness of the Last Best Place. This decision is complicated because we no longer tread lightly on the land, requiring only a minimal touch on the ground for shelter and a location adjacent to a stream. We want the romantic notion of living in the west but demand all of the conveniences of dense urban development. This set of desires is supported by a dense system of infrastructure, hidden by the ground or mentally blocked out of our perception, needed to make this place habitable by “modern standards”.

This series of collages examine the relationship between the desired picturesque view and the orchestrated infrastructure required to make it habitable. Below some of the ongoing series of collages which use travel and home sales magazines from the region as the basis for the investigation.